Young Hercules

Director: T.J. Scott

Actors: Ian Bohen, Dean O'Gorman, Chris Conrad, Johna Stewart-Bowden, Kevin Smith, Meighan Desmond, Nathaniel Lees, Rachel Blakely, Michael Hurst, Taungaroa Emile, Mfundo Morrison, Paolo Rotondo, Som Peri, Lionel Waaka, Nick Kemplen

Production: MCA Television, Renaissance Pictures

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Country: USA

Release Year: 1998

Duration: 86 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: This a prequel to the popular television series. In it a young Hercules, wanting to impress Zeus tries to recover something that his half-brother Ares stole from Zeus. But when his friend Iolaus causes him to lose it, he is more depressed. His mother, Alcmene urges him to go to an academy for warriors led by a centaur, Cheiron. Iolaus is also there and they also meet Jason, heir to the throne of Corinth. When Jason learns that his father is ill, Hercules suggest that they seek out the Golden Fleece cause it might save his father. However, Ares is doing everything he can to stop them.

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