Within the Woods

Director: Brad Sykes

Actors: Athena Demos, Alex Gordon, Janelle Herrera, Erin Holt, Phil Lander, Denise Lorraine, Stephanie Mathis, Adam Novak, Michael Singer, David Sobel, Jeff Swarthout, Adam Van Conant, Saye Yabandeh

Production: Nightfall Pictures

Genres: Horror

Country: USA

Release Year: 2005

Duration: 85 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: A new reality show invites five brave souls to spend the night at "Camp Blood", where, years ago, over a dozen people were murdered by the infamous "Clown". Whoever remains at the end of twenty-four hours will split a million dollars. To drive away the contestants, the producers have rigged several "scares" as well as hiring a stuntman dressed as the Clown. But as night falls, screams of terror fill the desolate woods as a real bloodthirsty killer begins cutting down the competition, one by one. As night falls, will any of them survive the horror that lurks WITHIN THE WOODS?

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