Vision Quest

Director: Harold Becker

Actors: Matthew Modine, Linda Fiorentino, Michael Schoeffling, Ronny Cox, Harold Sylvester, Charles Hallahan, J.C. Quinn, Daphne Zuniga, R.H. Thomson, Gary Kasper, Raphael Sbarge, Forest Whitaker, Frank Jasper, Roberts Blossom, James Gammon

Production: Warner Bros., Guber-Peters Company, The

Genres: Drama, Romance, Sport

Country: USA

Release Year: 1985

Duration: 107 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Vision Quest is a coming of age movie in which high school wrestler Louden Swain decides he wants to be something more than an average high school athlete and sets his sights on a prize that many don't think he can win - he then sets out to reach his goal alone, without much support from his father or coach. His father rents a room to a young drifter, Carla. Swain falls in love with her and she helps him stay focused and prevents him from losing sight of his goals.

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