Time Out

Director: Laurent Cantet

Actors: Aurélien Recoing, Karin Viard, Serge Livrozet, Jean-Pierre Mangeot, Monique Mangeot, Nicolas Kalsch, Marie Cantet, Félix Cantet, Olivier Lejoubioux, Maxime Sassier, Elisabeth Joinet, Nigel Palmer, Christophe Charles, Didier Perez, Philippe Jouannet

Production: Haut et Court, Arte France Cinéma, Canal

Genres: Drama

Country: France

Release Year: 2001

Duration: 134 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Recently fired from his job, but unable to confess the truth to his close-knit family, Vincent spends his days driving around the countryside, talking into his cell phone and staring into space. Vincent fabricates a new job for himself so his family and friends will not know that he is out of work. At one point, he even sneaks into an office building. As Vincent roams the building's sterile halls, peeking into meeting rooms where men are busy at work, we see a man who yearns not just for a new job, but also for a place in the world. While this pantomime of work initially registers as sad and even a little pathetic, it slowly and unnervingly becomes terrifying.

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