Three Days of Rain

Director: Michael Meredith

Actors: Penelope Allen, Erick Avari, Alimi Ballard, Joey Bilow, Bruce Bohne, Robert Casserly, Laurie Coleman, Chuck Cooper, Blythe Danner, Peter Falk, Mark Feuerstein, Heather Kafka, Peter Kalos, Christine Karl, Merle Kennedy

Production: Hillstrom Entertainment, Maximon Pictures

Genres: Drama

Country: USA

Release Year: 2002

Duration: 98 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: It's Tuesday in Cleveland; a storm arrives that will last three days. We watch rain fall as we listen to a DJ and the jazz he plays at WLOH. We also watch separate stories of a cab driver who's suffered a recent loss, a janitor who may lose his job, a junkie whose infant daughter is in the care of the woman's abusive father, a couple who argue after she won't let him give a restaurant dessert to a homeless man, a tile maker desperate for money to buy clay for a new job, and an alcoholic, prevaricating father whose adult son is long-suffering. Each is isolated, each seeks a connection; some find one.

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