The Malibu Bikini Shop

Director: David Wechter

Actors: Michael David Wright, Bruce Greenwood, Amanda Horan Kennedy, Debra Blee, Jay Robinson, Galyn Görg, Ami Julius, Frank Nelson, Kathleen Freeman, Jon Rashad Kamal, Beverly Sanders, Harvey J. Goldenberg, Barbara Minkus, Rita Jenrette, Jim Boelsen

Production: Romax Productions, Wescom Productions

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Country: USA

Release Year: 1986

Duration: 99 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: After inheriting a failing bikini shop, two recent grads decide to make a go of it. One, in the hopes of building it into a successful business, the other, in the hopes of getting to look at lots of women in (and out) of swimsuits. As they try more and more outrageous ways of drumming up business, their antics begin attracting some unwanted attention.

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