Joe's Apartment

Director: John Payson

Actors: Jerry O'Connell, Megan Ward, Billy West, Reginald Hudlin, Jim Turner, Pepa, Robert Vaughn, Don Ho, Jim Sterling, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, David Huddleston, Frank Bello, Lord Kayson, Alex Molina, Wayman Ezell

Production: Geffen Pictures, MTV Films, MTV Networks

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Sci-Fi

Country: USA

Release Year: 1996

Duration: 80 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Joe comes from Iowa to New York and, being short of money, wants to find an apartment with very low rent. His quest is successful, but he must share the residence with some 50,000 cockroaches. The insects turn out to be Joe's best friends.

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