Director: Stuart Cooper

Actors: Bobbie Phillips, Robert Wagner, Stephen McHattie, Thomas Heinze, Benjamin Sadler, Russell Yuen, Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Nicu Branzea, Julian Richings, Vincent Bruni, Billy Otis, Nicholas Vrettakos, Rami Posner, Jon Stroll, François Klanfer

Production: Gemini Film, Sat.1

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Country: Canada, Germany

Release Year: 2000

Duration: 100 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Maya and Tony are a couple of young grifters always looking for their big score. One day they meet Pierce, another victim at first, but who quickly reveals himself as a senior fraudster posing as a "mark". Pierce recruits Maya and Tony to help with his big score. Before long Maya and Tony are in way over their heads. Maya assumes a new identity and seeks the help of Felix to protect her. It's a dirty game of betrayal, murder, and seduction. It's one deadly, sordid affair.

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