Ho Ho Ho

Director: Jesús del Cerro

Actors: Stefan Banica Jr., Bogdan Iancu, Alina Chivulescu, Pavel Bartos, Valentin Teodosiu, Daniel Popescu, Gabriel Costin, Iulia Lazar, Raisa Mihai, Raluca Aprodu, Ion Sapdaru, Alexandru Margineanu, Catalin Maruta, Catalin Tocoianu, David Vasile

Production: Media Pro Pictures

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family

Country: Romania

Release Year: 2009

Duration: 101 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Horace, a 8 years old boy, who still believes in Santa Clause, received as a Christmas gift a day at the mall. What ought to be a normal Christmas day turns into an adventure when Horace loses his mother. He mets John, a pickpocket disguised as Santa Clause, who was in the middle of an illegal operation. Unlike the Santas on TV, John doesn't seem to like children. Althought, the boy is convinced that this is the real Santa Clause and tail of it, causing all sorts of trouble as dangerous, as funny. Finally John finds the magic of Christmas and Horace discovers that miracles indeed, occur.

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