Demolition Highway

Director: Donald Farmer

Actors: Danny Fendley, Joe Estevez, Lisa Tyre, Tony Forrester, Miles Aubrey, Rick Martin, Ghetty Chasun, Maria Ortiz, Jay Pearson, Slammer, Jammer, Ann Scoville, Doris Ragsdale, Tandra Fields, Sharon Reels

Production: Stratosphere Entertainment

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Country: USA

Release Year: 1996

Duration: 86 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Released from jail after five years, Frank Scarvo goes in search of Xavier Carbone, the guy who he would't rat on, even though Frank's silence resulted in imprisonment, Xavier had Frank's girl killed and took his 500Gs. Frank not only finds Xavier, but also encounters the captive daughter of someone who Xavier "does business with", as well as Xavier's henchmen, among whom are a motorcycle gang.

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