Vivica A. Fox

A Outra Margem

Director: Luís Filipe Rocha

Actors: Filipe Duarte, Maria d'Aires, Tomás Almeida, Horácio Manuel, Sara Graça, Eduardo Silva, João Pedro Vaz, Pompeu José, Teresa Faria, João Tempera, Fernando Santos, Luís Viegas, André Branco, Francisco Brás, Paula Sabino

Production: Clap Filmes

Genres: Drama

Country: Portugal

Release Year: 2007

Duration: 106 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Ricardo is a transvestite in a bar whose boyfriend has committed suicide. He tries to commit suicide shortly afterward. It is this failed attempt of suicide that allows him to resume contact with her sister Maria and to know his nephew Vasco who has Down syndrome. He also tries to get along with his father, José, but this may be an insurmountable margin. It is with Maria and (mostly) with Vasco that Ricardo has to relearn how to live.

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