A Lover's Revenge

Director: Douglas Jackson

Actors: Alexandra Paul, William R. Moses, Gary Hudson, Sonya Salomaa, Sophie Gendron, Cary Lawrence, Millie Tresierra, Gabrielle Carteris, Mark Camacho, Peter Michael Dillon, Luigi Saracino, Dean Hagopian, Barry Blake, Thelma Farmer, Sally Clelford

Production: S.V. Thrilling Movies 3 Inc., Outrage Productions 6 Inc.

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Country: Canada

Release Year: 2005

Duration: 94 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: In Philadelphia, the psychologist Dr. Liz Manners is the host of the WLOR Talk Radio Show giving advices about relationships to her audience. When she suggests to her listener Sara Jane to leave her abusive and obsessive husband Kyle Lundstrom, Sara runs away home chased by Kyle and is hit by a car, immediately dying. The psychopath Kyle decides to use his money to destroy Dr. Manners' life, and assuming the fake identity of the investor James, he meets her husband Rob and poisons her marriage.

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